Can I put classical guitar strings on my ibanez acoustic electric? Would they snap or anything? I suppose I would get the kind you can use with bridge pins.

asked 15 Jul '11, 01:26

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Should work fine. I'm assuming it uses a piezo element under the saddle to generate the signal to your amplifier. The piezo element generates its signal from the vibrating saddle.

You should get ball-end nylon strings (sometimes called "folk" strings). They are designed to work with bridge pins.


answered 15 Jul '11, 23:17

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You can do it and you won't ruin the guitar (which would probably happen the other way around.) However, nylon strings aren't made to move the soundboard of a steel string acoustic guitar. Nylon string guitars are built more delicately for that very reason. So, it probably will sound dead.

If the steel strings are the issue, you might want to give silk & Phosphors a try. They have a mellower tone and are more flexible than a regular phosphor bronze strings of the same gauge.


answered 12 Dec '11, 05:38

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