What is the best guitar pick to use? I just learned how to play a really pretty song but my picks arent making it sound too hot..i want it to sound crisp and a pick that is comfortable to hold thanks :)

asked 10 Nov '10, 03:44

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Personally, I think that harder picks produce the most clearest and crisp sound. You should try pearloid picks made by Fender, such as the "extra heavy" ones, and the stubby by (Dunlop?). All picks less than their stiffness doesn't work out for me. They're pretty comfortable to hold, but if your hand gets real sweaty then they might slip. If you want special grip on your picks and still want a really hard pick, then you might have to look around a little bit 'cause I don't know any off the top of my head.

So, my rule of thumb is that any pick 1mm and over is going to produce a strong, clear note no matter how hard you pick. Anything less than that should only be use for slow songs and/or light picking. Everyone has their own preferences though :P


answered 15 Nov '10, 15:34

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ok awesome thanks :)

(18 Nov '10, 03:46) Savanah

Personally, I've been using Dunlop Ultex picks for the past two years, they are very resilient picks, they generally last me about a month a piece. I have used the .88 rounded triangle and the 1.00 standard shaped picks, and they both are wonderful picks. They produce the clearest tone I have ever had with any pick, and the triangle ones are very easy to grip.


answered 01 Dec '10, 23:27

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If we talk about COMFORT I think a pick that is within 0.56 to 0.71mm range would be enough. but if you want a decent sound in your guitar, try using a 0.46mm pick, just dont any unnecesary stress to the pick while using it or it'll break cuz its quite soft. Its just an opinion but I hope it'll help... From: Technician


answered 10 Nov '10, 07:20

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