At what age is it appropriate to begin teaching a child to play the guitar? If the child clearly has a love of music and watches in awe when an adult plays guitar, should that child be given a guitar of his/her own? What size guitar is best for a small child to learn? Are nylon strings better than steel strings for small children? Any specific brands best for children's instruments?

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I am all for children having accesss to some musical toy or instrument at a young age. At about the age of six a family friend got me a small electronic keyboard(about a 15 inches long). It helped boost me into the world of music I think, but my parents never pushed music on me, so it was merely a toy for me, but I think it may be one reason why I ended up getting very interested in music later.

Nobody says the first instrument has to be a guitar even if they like guitar. An electronic keyboard is nice because it always plays the sound back right(no worries about picking the guitar, tuning it a guitar is huge, and a smaller scale guitar is still big). Then at an older age you can have them do the switch to guitar. Hendrix got his first guitar when he was either 10 or 11, so thats not too late!


answered 09 Jan '10, 08:05

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Jerome Jacket
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i agree wid u ...i also started wid a keyboard...nd nw i play it is an added advantage:)

(01 Oct '10, 12:41) angela

I think the ealier the better, I don't no exactly who they are but someone has got grade 8 in guitar and there only 11 and are now going for a degree in it, plus the ealier stages in development are a childs most crutial time for coming up with special talents so if your child if intrested you should perhaps get a 3/4 size guitar for them and encourage them to lol

Also never get a steel string acoustic at first lol you should get a nylon string one, it hurts your fingers when u just start without having steel strings lol


answered 09 Jan '10, 21:33

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You don't want to give it to them too early. Most parents make the mistake of getting an instrument at a very early age. 90 % of the time the child will become bored with it, 6th and 7th grade is the perfect time b/c that is a period where a child becomes more mature, and can handle the resposiblity. I say, introduce him really early if you want, but you won't see the child getting used to or into it till later.


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Many children start learning an instrument around the 4th grade because that's when many elementary schools with music programs start lessons. However they don't generally teach guitar, and perhaps that's because of the added difficulty of learning to finger chords correctly. Few instruments (if any) cause as much physical pain to the beginner as guitar and as such, more personal motivation is required. The right age is when you sense that the child's desire to play will overcome the difficulties of learning guitar. For me, that didn't happen until college!


answered 17 Jan '10, 05:23

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Though I love guitar. What was the first instrument of Hendrix, Clapton, Townsend, and a favorite of George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Brian May, and Eddie Vedder? The ukulele. You can get them cheap and kids love them. My nephew is two and I bought him one. He is still a bit young for chords but he understands the concept of playing, how to hold it, pick the strings, etc. In essence, a kid is never too young but a guitar might be asking a bit much.


answered 27 Jan '10, 01:06

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